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Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

Joined HandsAs a company of warriors and champions, we are cultivating a worldwide presence that creates an atmosphere of celebration, impartation, and restoration.  Prayer and proclamation is one way we do this.

We pray with confidence that it is the believers in a nation who hold the true identity of that nation.  As we pray, we carry God’s Presence into each nation to release the blessings, promises and intentions of God.

Allow the goodness of God to arise in you to transform your nation with the overflow of His grace, goodness, peace and righteousness.  Then, pray and proclaim God’s intentions for the nations of the world.

  • Select a part of the world from the map below.
  • Then, select a nation in that part of the world.
  • Agree with the prayers and proclamations for each nation.
  • Add your prayer, proclamation or a scripture to the comment section.

World map

Asia Asia Africa Africa Canada Caribbean Europe Europe Mexico/Central America/Panama Middle East Pacific Islands South America United States United States

38 thoughts on “Welcome to Aglow Global Prayer

  1. Diane F

    This is a beautiful and extremely helpful resource for prayer! It’s visually very appealing and the information for each region of the world as well as each nation in the region is excellently done. I’ve printed out the pages on the region and nations that concern my heart and will use them to pray and proclaim God’s purposes.

    WELL DONE!!!

    1. Aglow Prayer Director

      Thank you, Diane, for your encouraging response to this new resource. Mostly, thank you for your faithfulness in prayer for the nations of the world. Our prayer together is making a difference in releasing the goodness of God’s Presence and the fullness of the good news of the gospel throughout the nations of earth. Every blessing upon you!

    2. liz Nichols

      just looking up re Poland as my friend and I are coming for a 3 day break at the end of this month. its always good to be aware of how to pray for a nation, We are staying at Wroclaw and looking forward to it. every blessing for Aglow in Poland.

    3. Velda Campbell

      I have been praying for Israel, her peace and protection for a long time. I shall add the matters outlined to my list. I am grateful for the opportunity. God bless.

    4. Fa'ataualofa Smith

      Yes, bless, bless, bless! – I am reminded again, this morning (7.15am in New Zealand now – where I reside) that I Need to Stand-in-The-Gap, agreeing with all the Proclamations & be ONE of the Guardians (with you & pratnering with Holy Spirit), to be His Hands, Feet & Mouthpiece amongst the Nations! Thank you LORD I got into this website this morning!

  2. Donna Rhodes

    This is wonderful. Thank you for putting this together. I am putting it in my favorites so that I can go directly to it. What a wonderful way to get the word out and to be able to pray for others.
    I am hoping that this is linked to our website that we are having done for South Central PA Area.
    God bless you in all the work that you have put into this site.


  3. Wanda Pitts

    What a powerful new addition to Aglow on the web! The atmosphere of this site is truly hosting our God’s presence! Love this!

    Wanda Pitts
    Mississippi Aglow International

  4. Patty Johnson

    This absolutely rocks! No kidding. It is rich. Thank you, Nancy. I will use it again and again!!

  5. Sandy Wezowicz

    This website is fantastic. It absolutely breaks open prayer for the nations to a whole new dimension. Other prayer ministries involved in the global prayer movement need to be acquainted with this invaluable tool. I’m sure there is nothing as comprehensive as this site anywhere. This will definitely do damage to the kingdom of darkness and cause celebration for the Kingdom of our God.

  6. Maureen Smith

    Wow! This is such an amazing web site… Looking at it has made my heart sing! It is a wonderful resource for all those with a heart to pray for the nations and it is done with such excellence! Thank you!

  7. Kay Rogers

    WOW! I’m impressed. This is a wonderful tool, not only for prayer, but for widening our understanding of the Aglow world and the world at large. Great job!!

  8. suzanne buckman

    This is fantastic, with ourAustralian National Conference coming up, and the focus on the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit … this is a wonderful tool for us to pray for the Pacific Islands – some of whom will be joining us down under at Caloundra. Thanks for this wonderful resource.Blessing to our beautiful sisters and brothers all over the world!!

  9. Arlene Scudamore

    What an amazing study tool! Thanks for taking the time to research & put this together….
    I used to have to gather around a rotating globe to associate where certain Nations were, & how they related with other nations. This simplifies things greatly. Bless your organizational & administrative skills.

  10. Jane Willis

    Our God is an awesome God and you have allowed Him to do a great work through you. This tool is well done, professional, strategic and a wonderful aid for prayer and a greater understanding of His kingdom. Thank you, thank you, and bless you.

  11. Marilyn Seeger

    Thank you so much for giving us an easy to use tool with all the information we need at our fingertips.
    I especially love being able to click a country and seeing the capitol city to pray for.

  12. Linda Carpenter

    What a great resource! The country that I pray often for is Swaziland in southern Africa. A number of years ago this graduate student at Texas A&M said to me, “Linda, when you come to Swaziland, you will see that it is the most beautiful land…”
    Thank you for providing this unique prayer guide to the world. The Kingdom of God reigns in Swaziland!

  13. Isabel de Núñez Presidenta Junta Nacional Costa Rica

    ¡Este es un recurso excelente! ¡Gracias queridas hermanas! nos hacen sentir en familia, y nos fortalecen para continuar haciendo lo que Dios nos ha mandado hacer, sabiendo que mundial mente estamos orando unas por otras y por nuestras Naciones.

    This is an excellent resource! Thank you Dear Sisters! they make us feel family, and strengthen us to continue doing what God has commanded us to do, knowing that global mind are praying by each other and by our Nations.

  14. Teresa Cicorio Garcia

    Es el corazón del Padre que late por las naciones del mundo, y levanta ejercito de almas que buscan Su Rostro para conquistar la tierra y preparar su venida!!! Muchas gracias.

    It is the heart of the father who beats for the Nations of the world, and rising army of souls who seek your face to conquer Earth and prepare for his coming! Thanks a lot.

  15. Barbara Baker

    Thank you for this wonderful site. I am truly enjoying the ease using it and implementing some of the strategic worldwide prayer tactics. Thank you once again and may the Lord continue to bless Aglow with expansion.

  16. Elizabeth Mbuzi

    This is great!! Job well done. I believe many people who will come across this will be motivated to pray for the nations of the world. I love it!!

  17. Pastor Michael Ripon Biswas

    Dear friend in Chris,

    Greetings from National christian Prayer Fellowship of Bangladesh.

    We are also Prayer Movement. We are Minority our Country. We face problem every step because we are a Christian. Our Country is Muslim country. We are only half an million Christian. Our total Population is 170 million. So please pray for us.
    Any way How we work together your Ministry. If possible I want join your Conference. Please let me kniw.
    God bless you.
    Pastor Michael Michael Ripon Biswas

  18. Pastor Michael Ripon Biswas

    Dear friend in Christ,

    Greetings from National christian Prayer Fellowship of Bangladesh.

    We are also Prayer Movement. We are Minority our Country. We face problem every step because we are a Christian. Our Country is Muslim country. We are only half an million Christian. Our total Population is 170 million. So please pray for us.
    Any way How we work together your Ministry. If possible I want join your Conference. Please let me kniw.
    God bless you.
    Pastor Michael Michael Ripon Biswas
    ExecutivE Director
    National christian Prayer Feloowship of Bangladesh
    Post Box=10047, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

    1. Marnie Hazelaar

      God has been stirring me in the nights concerning STRATEGY in prayer. Your site has SHORTENED my search on how to do this effectively. I am so blessed by this directive. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I will use this resource a lot in my prayer hours. What a marvel to join with so many around the world in the great cause for Christ our Lord.

  19. Marian Myers

    GOOD JOB, GOD! GOOD JOB, AGLOW! You can tell by the other comments that it is already working  to make a difference in the nations! All glory to the Lord! Marian (Nickel) Myers


    You are indeed a blessing by sharing the word of God all nations that need it most and pray you continue the wonderful job you doing in bringing people to God.

  21. Joey McLean

    Wow, look what God has done. He is taking us to all the nations and praying in every Capitol of the world.
    He is giving us a governmental authority to make a change in this world. Powerful Authority!
    His will, WILL be done and He is useing this great tool to advance this Global Prayer Network to cause government leaders to stop and see the burning bush and ask the Lord what shall I do? Then DO IT!
    There is a shift we have been wanting to see and it’s happening!
    Thank you Lord, thank you Nancy for this powerful tool.

  22. niragira marie goretti

    whee to join you in bujumbura?
    what are your services in2016? in burundi? we are seakiing a partnership.

  23. Jean Bell

    I applaud Aglow International for this Global Pray initiative. This is very much in line with the instructions given to the Body of Christ in 2 Chronicles 7:14. As the Body of Christ pay heed to God’s instructions, healing of the land will become a reality.

  24. charles Agano muga

    prayers is needed i requested you Urgently sister and brothers in Christ Jesus Jon us with this people this is how we are,Our ministry of Salem Christian Family Church is involved in doing many things with very limited Resources. Some of our missionary and missions involvements are:- 1. Missions and missionary work (Short-TERM and Long Term) 2. Church planting 3. Discipline ship and prayer programmer 4. Teaching ministries and Church leadership training 5. Kingdom business enterprises income generating initiatives. 6. Widows/ orphans/disabled or physically challenged/destitute support/care programmes and projects 7. Community development projects/programs as evangelistic tools/Relief services for example clean drinking water provision, farming and food security, environment conservation programmes, HIV Patients and the affected programmes, etc. 8. Children/youth/women/family ministries and old people giving food, shelter and clothes 9. Church/Christian networking and partnerships. Currently I need the funds for Church planting programmes in unreached areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan and Sudan. I am struggling with all those programs and many of them are not doing Well because of the poor African environments where I work. I need Your prayer, support and expertise. We are abased at Homa Bay Kenya which is an area with no Medical facility at all. Our ministry works in Africa in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda and in South East Asia at Pakistan. We have good accountability at church Please communicate with us on how we can work together in partnership. We have many Church evangelistic projects and programmes which we can readily avail to you for consideration for support and or involvement. pray with us for great calling to Africa

  25. Miriam Rotman

    We are empowered with the word of God and we are praying As One.
    Thank you Lord for the Aglow Global Prayer Network !!!

    Glory be to God !

  26. Alice Walsh

    Please provide contact for Aglow in Ireland – I am an Australian married to an Irish national and we live near Limerick. I have been a member of Aglow in Western Australia for several years and seeking to join a local branch here. Thank you


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