Fiji mapAglow Leader: Fulori Tuiloa
National Board President

Capital: Suva (on Viti Levu)


  • Pray for the Aglow groups and leaders to be strengthened.
  • Pray for all the resources and creativity needed to fulfill the intentions of God in the nation of Fiji.
  • Pray for the Aglow prayer group in the Capital city.
  • Pray for godly government leaders. Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance. Psalm 33:12


  • Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the LORD will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. Isaiah 60:1,2 (NKJV)
  • Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is he King of glory. Selah Psalm 24:9-10 (NKJV)

Interesting Facts About Fiji

Fiji flagBackground: Fiji became independent in 1970 after nearly a century as a British colony. Democratic rule was interrupted by two military coups in 1987 caused by concern over a government perceived as dominated by the Indian community (descendants of contract laborers brought to the islands by the British in the 19th century). The coups and a 1990 constitution that cemented native Melanesian control of Fiji led to heavy Indian emigration; the population loss resulted in economic difficulties, but ensured that Melanesians became the majority. A new constitution enacted in 1997 was more equitable. Free and peaceful elections in 1999 resulted in a government led by an Indo-Fijian, but a civilian-led coup in 2000 ushered in a prolonged period of political turmoil.

Parliamentary elections held in 2001 provided Fiji with a democratically elected government led by Prime Minister Laisenia QARASE. Reelected in May 2006, QARASE was ousted in a December 2006 military coup led by Commodore Voreqe BAINIMARAMA, who initially appointed himself acting president but in January 2007 became interim prime minister. Following years of political turmoil, long-delayed legislative elections were held in September 2014 that were deemed “credible” by international observers and that resulted in BAINIMARAMA being reelected. He was reelected in November 2018 in elections deemed free and fair.

Government Type: parliamentary republic

Population: 939,535 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnic Groups: Fijian 57.3% (predominantly Melanesian with a Polynesian admixture), Indian 37.6%, Rotuman 1.2%, other 3.9% (European, other Pacific Islanders, Chinese) (2007 census)

Languages: English (official), Fijian (official), Hindustani

Religions: Protestant 45% (Methodist 34.6%, Assembly of God 5.7%, Seventh Day Adventist 3.9%, and Anglican 0.8%), Hindu 27.9%, other Christian 10.4%, Roman Catholic 9.1%, Muslim 6.3%, Sikh 0.3%, other 0.3%, none 0.8% (2007 est.)

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  1. John on September 25, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    The only way to Heaven.

    If We want go to unknow place that We do not know the way to unknow place,
    We need person that He ever go to that place or person from that place
    pick up us, so We do not get lost
    This way of thinking is very reasonable and It can accept by our logic.

    If We want go to Heaven, we need person that He know the way go to
    Heaven or person from Heaven go to the Earth and He able go back
    again, to Heaven. The person is Jesus, He go back to Heaven
    witnessed by his disciples (Acts 1:9-11), so Jesus does not have
    Grave on the Earth. Jesus able bring You to Heaven, But another person
    that his grave on the Earth, then You does not know his soul and his spirit go to
    Heaven or go to Hell. This person is not sure bring You to Heaven.

    How to follow Jesus by follow his word and do it.
    How to know his word by reading bible every day.
    Please inform to every person who believe Jesus as God son.

  2. Reverend Brian Mason on July 14, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Prayer Request

    And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.
    1 Kings 17:1

    Elijah knew his God and acted with certainty for he was God’s man with a mission, that of calling the nation back to God through the restoration of the worship of the majestic, awesome and sovereign God who had set apart Israel for Himself. Elijah acted with authority. He could stand up to Ahab and pronounce the Word of judgment upon the rebellious king. This boldness came from being in the will of God. He had the confidence in the victory which would ultimately remove the false prophets who had been responsible for the apostasy of God’s people. Through doing the will of God before Ahab this ensured that the time would come at Mount Carmel when God would re-establish His authority as God would be given His rightful place.

    This is to be the same in these days in Great Britain too. The Lord Jesus Christ is to be given the pre-eminence. A supernatural intervention has taken place in response to intercessory prayer when God delivered the nation from the satanic European Union. The same certainty is now needed to intercede for the perfect will of God to be brought into every area of life. Will you join me in praying through for the establishment of godly women and men to bring Great Britain into line with God’s perfect will? A nation whose sovereign rules under God and its laws in accordance with the Bible. A nation whose children are taught the way of salvation according to the Bible and brought up in the nurture and love of God. For a nation which is in line with God will be a nation in victory for the blessing of God shall be upon every area of life not just for a privileged few. Even the fields and the sea shall yield in abundance as evidence of God being given His rightful place.

    Reverend Brian Mason
    Bible College Wales Continuing
    Rhos on Sea
    Great Britain

  3. Reverend Brian Mason on June 19, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Further Prayer Request

    Victory, glorious victory through the glorious triumphant victory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who shall be restored to His pre-eminent place in the United Kingdom.

    Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest.
    Isaiah 37:29

    This is the final part of overcoming humanly impossible situations which will affect the Gospel being able to reach every creature. A momentous decision will be taken on 23 June whether the United Kingdom shall remain in the European Union or chose to leave. Even before votes are cast the decision has already been made in heaven. Intercession has prevailed and the United Kingdom shall not only be kept open for the Gospel for it shall again be used to reach out to other nations with the Gospel of redemption to lost, guilty and already condemned sinners. This is the compassion of God in Jesus Christ, the compassion which knows no limits to reconcile men and women to Himself. This is because believing prayer has prevailed with the One on the throne, prayer on the lines of faith because God’s honour is at stake when satanic forces had set out to destroy every known Christian principle in the United Kingdom. The anti-christ of the Jesuits had been behind this and it is out into the open. It is not looking back to the cross and seeing a dead Jesus Christ still nailed to the cross. It is looking forward from the cross at the fulfilling of His victory. The victory over every principality and power of satanic darkness. The Person of the Holy Ghost can now live His life that is the life of the risen, ascended and glorified Son of God within vessels which have been cleansed of sin and live in the outworked victory over him who had the power of sin. The royal priesthood of believers is to come into the fullness of their position in Christ of being seated with Him in heavenly places, always there in the throne room of God to prevail time and again by praying the prayers given by the Holy Ghost. For when the body of Christ is rightly related to Himself then satanic barrier after barrier placed to hinder the spread of the Gospel shall be removed and the Lord of glory shall take His rightful place for He shall be pre-eminent as the Head of the Church.

  4. Reverend Brian Mason on May 23, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Prayer request which comes from the ladies Shalom Intercessory Prayer Meeting of the Bible College of Wales Continuing on 11/05/16
    Reverend Brian Mason
    Honorary Director


    “Mighty move through the nations, a mighty move of prayer, intercession of everyone who truly loves & knows Me at the time of My visitation.
    “I am visiting the nations with My Spirit of praise, power, love & a sound mind – to counteract, defeat & destroy the fear that Satan has been placing throughout the world.
    “Heavenly armour & divine revelation is mine, saith the Lord. See with My eyes, feel with My heart, plead with My voice & the words I will give you to defeat the darkness. For I AM the Lord: I change not. Stability, peace & everlasting life come only through Me.
    “I hear My people crying for freedom, justice & My righteousness – therefore ye are not consumed.
    “Have courage; do not fear, those who tremble at My Word. Pray without ceasing – believing prayers that truth & justice – My justice – will prevail.
    “Expose the wicked works of the enemy, deceived in darkness.”

    Isaiah 9:2
    “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
    they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death,
    upon them hath the light shined.”

    Matters for Intercession
    All Commonwealth nations to pray re EU Referendum, for a righting of the nations.

    “Restore My true worshippers throughout the Commonwealth lands. I am creating an open heaven over them – stretching forth My curtains, My canopy of protection, My tree of life, My pattern for the nations.”

    Your prayer will be Heavenly dynamite in the Holy Ghost when you believe once on a matter rather than keep on praying for the same thing. St. John 15:16 “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” It is knowing that Jesus lives in us and we have the same authority as He had whilst on earth when we have received the mighty baptism in the Holy Ghost. Nothing no nothing is then impossible because we are speaking into situations as Him whether it be the need of healing or the ministry or the family. In fact this covers every situation God allows us to be brought into so that His power is released through us. Brian

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